Creative Snacks for your Fish Friends
Are there any special summer foods for my pond fish? Summer time is the ultimate time to enjoy the lifestyle that a pond can bring. There are very few places that are better to entertain guests, both friends and family than around the pond in the summer months. One of the highlights of having a pond can be watching Koi or pond fish feed. This can be especially exciting for children. There are a number of treats that you can feed your fish from items you will likely have within or around your home. There are lots of options but here are some to take special note of. - Romaine lettuce can be a great snack. They really ad no nutritional value to the fish, but they enjoy it. Cut it into thin strips appropriate for the size of fish in your pond. The darker the color of the Romaine lettuce the better. - Grapefruit is popular with Koi, but too much and the acid can effect them. Just cut it in quarters or eighths let a section float around the pond and the fish will do the rest. This should not be done more than once every 10 days or so. - Night crawlers can also be a favorite treat. Our friend's 3 year old loves feeding worms to the pond fish. It's great for a child to dig in the garden and collect some icky worms and then watch them be eaten. Of course this may be more of a little boy thing. - Believe it or not Cheerios can also be a great snack, and they float. Keep in mind, as you feed your fish, don't over feed them. Make sure that that 'food' you are giving them is being consumed and is not settling on the bottom and therefore eventually decomposing in the pond or potentially plugging up the filter or skimmer. Many people over feed their fish and that extra food can cause water quality issues. Enjoy your pond fish this summer because that is what this is all ultimately about, but feed your fish cautiously. The reality of it most of these neat snacks are as much for your enjoyment as theirs so don't over do it because you want to entertained just a little longer.