Plaster & Stucco

Plaster & StuccoThe older your home, the more likely it is to have plaster walls. A plaster wall is actually three layers of plaster applied over wooden strips called lath. Plastering an entire wall is highly skilled work, but repairing a plaster wall is well within a homeowner's skill range. Good tools and the right materials will make the job easier. For the best results use a powdered material called plaster patch, which has added adhesives that bond with the existing plaster. Surface and joint compounds are designed for other jobs and make a good plaster repair job next to impossible.

Cracks and broken plaster are often signs of other problems - usually a settling house. Settling is normal. If the house continues to settle after you patch the wall, the wall will crack again, probably in the same place. If so, basement floor jacks near or underneath the recurring crack may eliminate the problem. Ask for advice form a pro at your home center. Brown spots or crumbly plaster usually indicate water damage- sometimes from the roof or a leaky pipe. Find and correct the problem before repairing the plaster to avoid it happening again.

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